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killermike32Everything Atlanta is compacted into this new interview. Hiphopbase got a chance to speak with Atlanta hip hop vet Killer Mike on his new project Underground Atlanta, and nothing less from Killer Mike, he keeps it 1,000 and reps his city well all at the same time… sometimes a difficult task for most of the other artists from Atlanta or anywhere else.

Hiphopbase: Do you think everyone who was suppose to win the VMA’s won or did you even want to watch it (laughs)

Killer mIke: (laughs). I watched the re-broadcast honestly… I was watching True Blood brother (laughs). But I don’t man… it’s Kanye what can i say. It’s the VMA’s, it’s the same thing every year.

HHB: The question i have is do you think he would had done the same thing if there was a rapper on stage?

Killer Mike: Let me tell you something man (laughs) If that was Lil’ Mama onstage then she would had tried to stab his ass in the eye with a hairpin (laughs). He did it and its done, it just so happened that he did it to a nice young, Anglo Saxon Protestant country singer, so I’m sure that Bill O’ Reilly and Rush Limbaugh will have a lot of fun with it. But i don’t know, I’m looking at it like I don’t know what the f#%@.

HHB: Now Lil’ Mama did the same thing sort of with Jay-Z and Alicia Keys set by rushing on to the stage at the end of their performance, what is your take on that?

Killer Mike: I think someone in security got fired (laughs). I think if your Kanye and you did all this and your already known to do this kind of stuff you can bounce back from it, but Lil’ Mama probably just signed her performance death certificate. All I know is for me being an entertainer, if someone hops on my stage, I’m knocking the shit out of them. That’s just me I wouldn’t give a fuck.If you got on my stage and you were in a wheelchair I will still beat the shit out of you (laughs) Man, Woman or child do NOT get on my stage.

HHB: Even if it’s LIl’ Mama or someone like that?

Killer Mike: (laughs) Let me tell you something, even if it was YOUR mama brother (laughs). That’s a rule from the old school. If you seen the Four Tops preform and you seen some brothers hop on stage you would see a whole bunch of fighting (laughs). Just me being an entertainer I would never do that to someone. I just think it’s real disrespectful.
HHB: And of course, you have your latest project Underground Atlanta which Dropped Sept 1st

Killer Mike: Yeah man, i would like to thank everyone who went out to Best Buy and bought the album, and everyone who still is going out to support it.

HHB: Now obviously there are a lot of Atlanta based artist on the album, but the only artists you don’t have from Atlanta are UGK which are from Houston, TX. How important was it to put them on the album?

Killer Mike: I think when your talking about the music of Atlanta, your talking about a hybrid of a few diffrent places. I’m not saying that’s our total music experience but what influenced us the most was Miami based music and all those artists, and of course I’m talking about Luke Skyywalker all the through to the 69 boyz and then all the to artists like DJ Squiggy to Hypnotize Minds and so on but the biggest influence on us was Houston music. And even though UGK is from Port Aurthur, TX the moved to Houston and absorbed there culture. SO UGK is essentially the main part of the southern Music scene as well as 8-Ball and MJG, of there  from Tennessee so those rapped based cities are the main influence on Atlanta so that why it was so important to have at least UGK on the album.

HHB: OK. Now to just get back on Atlanta music, that city defiantly has been hip hop for over the past decade. What keeps ATL music so fresh and interesting?

Killer Mike: I don’t know if we are running hip hop, because the checks are still cut in the north, so until thechecks start being cut in the south instead of the north then we would be running it. but Atlanta is one of the most progressive and successful cities in the long term, and i think that comes out of the fact that Atlanta people are very competitive, not in a cutthroat disparaging kind of way, but if I walked into the club and I hear an hours worth of Jeezy, then I know the next month someone is going to try and make there move and try and get there hour in the club. And right now that hour is Gucci Mane. He is where Jeezy was three or four years ago just in terms of dominating the clubs. So you better believe now that Jeezy is going to try and come back and dominate again. So there is friendly competition in the city, and there is people in the studio right now who are listening to whats going on in the clubs, and are trying to find a way to get on and that is a good thing for the culture of the city.

HHB: OK, now there are also certain places like New York for example that have that same competition; the one upping each other–

Killer Mike: Well it’s not so friendly up there (laughs)

HHB: Right (laughs) but why can’t they really stay successful mainstream wise? Is it because they don’t have that southern hospitality like you guys do?

Killer Mike: Well what you call southern hospitality I call everybody owns a handgun in the south. Sometimes all this competition can lead to death. But there are nicer southern people on some fronts but, I think Pimp C said it best when he said “If you go against me, then you will be smelling my cologne. That means If you try to one up me in a bad way then I’ll be at your doorstep and we’re gonna fight this thing out. That’s the reality of being down here. A lot of the bullshit becomes so bigger because of that.

HHB: OK cool, I can understand that. And as far as the album, what should we look out for?

Killer Mike: Imma fool wit it featuring Big Kuntry King, In the Kitchen with O.J. (Da Juiceman), Oh Yeah with Yung Ralph, and of course with Grind Time with Da Bill Collector, Gangsta Pill and S.L. Jones and Bunkin’ so it’s two CD’s with over 20 songs on there whats’ the deal?

HHB: OK that’s what’s up. Do you have any plans touring or any shows to promote?

Killer MIke: Yeah I been banging shows out, were just starting in the Atlanta clubs and we been hitting two or three clubs you know just promoting the project, you know 1,000 plus clubs just knocking them out and then I’ll be working on my next project.

HHB: OK, and are there any new artists we can look forward to on the album?

Killer Mike: Of course on this record we have of course Gangsta Pill and S.L. Jones, Mr. Bentley and many others to look forward to.

HHB: OK that’s whats up so the Album is of course Underground Atlanta which already dropped Sept 1st. it’s a double disc album you can pick it up anywhere like Best Buy and definitely keep our ears and eyes out for any shows you will be doing in the Atlanta area. is there a myspace page we can look you up at?


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