Michael Jackson – The Love You Save (DJ Cassidy Remix)

I was sent this track the other day but never got around to posting it. It’s Michael Jackson’s “The Love You Save” remixed by DJ Cassidy. The cut is from  Universal Motown’s upcoming Michael Jackson: The Remix Suite Project.


Michael Jackson – The Love You Save (DJ Cassidy Remix)


DJ Cassidy says,

Michael was cupid in my love affair with music. His look defined cool and influenced every outfit I have ever assembled. He put the red in my jeans, the rhythm in my step, and the needle on my record. Michael was, and will always be, the peak of the party.

My dream was to produce a record and deejay a party for Michael Jackson. I had hoped so deeply that, one day, my tracks would make him sing and my records would make him dance. I will use this remix project to fulfill as much of that dream as possible.

Working on Universal Motown’s Michael Jackson Remix Project was truly magical. Listening to the original session of “The Love You Save” was like digging through a long lost treasure chest, each track a sparkling jewel in a king’s crown.

I had my heart set on remixing a song that Michael performed on Motown 25 and “The Love You Save” was the obvious choice. A true hand-ups, top-down, feel-good anthem, “The Love You Save” embodies every part of Mike’s early spirit and energy that made magic for years to come.

Remixing “The Love You Save,” I aimed to unite the sounds of Michael’s work with The Corporation with the sounds of his work with Quincy Jones to create something fresh but equally timeless, classic, and inspiring as the original.

– DJ Cassidy


~ by bk maarten on 10/07/2009.

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