x x Present: K. Sparks “Super Senior”

ksparks34 x x Present: K. Sparks “Super Senior”, and are proud to present K. Sparks newest project, Super Senior. The Queens, New York recording artist chose the album title Super Senior as a metaphor for individuals that continue to repeat certain stages of life without making any significant progress. “As we all know, a Super Senior is a person that has been in school for a while and has failed to graduate. I wanted to create a conceptual album that told a story, but at the same time provided a message.” Super Senior is an eclectic blend of music that features guest contributions from Pugs Atomz, Julius Francis, Threatz, Jeff Chery, D. Julien, Tina Quallo, and Dave Barz. Production credits include Kurser, Pajozo, T Mos, Claps, DJ King Flow, Haze, Jae Monee, Hannibal King, Thelonious Martin, and Kevin Fountain. Super Senior is a free album download that stretches the boundaries of conventional Hip Hop music to provide listeners with an entertaining experience.

track list front and back cover after the jump


Track list

1. Introduction [prod. by King Flow]
2. In The Building (f. Julius Francis) [prod. by Claps]
3. Super Senior [prod. by Kurser]
4. Sunshine (f. Julius Francis) [prod. by Pajozo]
5. Spoken Word (Interlude) [prod. by Jae Monee]
6. I Know [prod. by Kurser]
7. Callin Me (Interlude)
8. Callin Me (f. Tina Quallo) [prod. by Kurser]
9. Todd From The Label (Interlude)
10. Temperature (f. Julius Francis) [prod. by T Mos]
11. Mind Drift [prod. by Thelonious Martin]
12. Slum Dog Millions (f. Julius Francis & Dave Barz) [prod. by Kurser]
13. Blind Man [prod. by Kurser]
14. 1800 Beloved (Interlude) [prod. by DJ King Flow]
15. 1800 Beloved [prod. by Kevin Fountain]
16. On n On (f. Pugs Atomz & Tina Quallo) [prod. by Pajozo]
17. Campus News Set Back Bill (Interlude)
18. Microphone Fiend (f. Jeff Chery) [prod. by Kurser]
19. Horns (f. Tina Quallo) [prod. by Haze]
20. Girlfriend (f. Julius Francis) [prod. by Kurser]
21. Campus News Neighborhood Swap (Interlude)
22. Ewww! [prod. by Haze]
23. School Cypher (f. JD of Duality, D. Julien, Jeff Cherry, ThreatZ, and Lee Kid) [prod. by T Mos]
24. Overtime [prod. by Hannibal King]
25. Outro


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