RubyHornet Exclusive: Lupe Fiasco Speaks on FNF Roster Changes


Ruby Hornet sat down with Lupe to discuss his up coming concert “Remember To Smile” which is suppose to be a retrospective of his career and they also talked about a  number of other things. When starting to talk about aspirations and what he wants in life he revealed the changes to his FNF label.


“I got rid of, and you’re the first to know, but I got rid of the entire First and Fifteenth Record Label.  Me and Sarah Green are the only artists on the label, like I got rid of the whole label,” Lupe told me today.  He said that it came down to his ambitions going beyond his abilities, and something that he had to correct.  “It was just such a ‘this isn’t right for you right now.  This isn’t gonna work for you right now.  You need to focus on you,'” he added.


Rest of the interview coming soon from

via RubyHornet


~ by bk maarten on 10/29/2009.

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